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Parkersburg Bridge Partners


This week, we would like to highlight a brand new member of our Chamber whom we had the pleasure of interviewing recently. It is our pleasure to introduce, Parkersburg Bridge Partners, a  local subsidiary of Denver-based United Bridge Partners that is a private investment and operating company that funds, designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains private toll bridges, including the recent purchase of the Memorial Bridge in Parkersburg. We spoke with Ryan Dolan, VP of Business Development, to get to know more about their business and their plans for the renovation of the Memorial Bridge. See below for his Q&A!


Tell us a little about Parkersburg Bridge Partners.
Parkersburg Bridge Partners (PBP) is a local subsidiary of Denver-based United Bridge Partners. Founded in 2010, United Bridge Partners (UBP) is a private investment and operating company that funds, designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains private toll bridges across the United States, including the recent purchase of the Memorial Bridge in Parkersburg. Our innovative capital investment strategy offers communities a unique solution to infrastructure projects, requiring no local, state or federal money. With access to private capital, UBP provides a mechanism for localities to finance infrastructure when other resources aren’t available or practical.”

Who is your ideal customer?
PBP invests in communities seeking an innovative approach to solving infrastructure needs. We have extensive experience owning and operating bridges and creating projects to replace or rehabilitate bridges like the Memorial Bridge.”


How long have you been in the Mid-Ohio Valley?
“We are new to the Mid-Ohio Valley as of Spring 2021 with the purchase of the Memorial Bridge. United Bridge Partners (our main company) has been in business since 2010.”


What is a little-known fact about your business?
“As far as we know, we are the only U.S.-based owner and operator of bridges, including management of tolling back office, with a focus primarily on replacement and rehabilitation of
in-service bridges.”


Is there any exciting news you would like to share with your fellow MOV Chamber members and community?
“Parkersburg Bridge Partners is committed to safe and effective maintenance of the Memorial Bridge as it assumes ownership from the City of Parkersburg. We will design, rehabilitate, own, operate and maintain the bridge to a high standard. Most importantly, we will establish roots in Parkersburg, hire local employees and become an active member of the

To answer some frequently asked questions:
Tolls: During construction, tolls will remain unchanged. PBP’s proposal includes community-friendly toll rates estimated to start at $1 following rehabilitation completion, and our best-in- class tolling and customer service program allows us to keep toll rates low.
Bridge Design: A comprehensive rehabilitation that will immediately upgrade all major bridge elements, resulting in an open and operational bridge for a minimum 50-year service life.
Economic Stimulus: This project will stimulate the economy and create well-paying, local, Union jobs. We have the support of several local trade groups, and it is estimated this project will result in 285 new jobs and $38 million in local economic output. PBP will contract with the City or local small businesses for various maintenance requirements such as snowplows and landscaping.
Construction Schedule and Impact: PBP has developed an accelerated project delivery schedule and construction approach that minimizes impacts to the Parkersburg community. Road closures and other important information will be clearly communicated on a regular, advance basis. We anticipate construction to begin in early 2022.

Thank you for welcoming us to the Mid-Ohio Valley!








Why did you decide to get involved with the MOV Chamber?
“Parkersburg Bridge Partners takes pride in what it builds, and we very much want to be a good partner and neighbor within the community. In addition to being safe and attractive, we believe the Memorial Bridge can serve as a strong community asset. With past community partnerships, we have developed programs such as commuter clubs, food drives and fun runs, as well as other community-building initiatives. PBP will be an active, positive long-term member of the community, starting with a management and operations team located in Parkersburg. We will establish a local office, hire a general manager that lives in the area, and look forward to being part of the business community in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We want to support local businesses and charitable programs.”


Thank you, Parkersburg Bridge Partners, for your membership with us! We are looking forward to doing business with you and are glad to be partners!


If you are interested in learning more about Parkersburg Bridge Partners, and how to get in touch with them, feel free to reach out to them at the contact information below. 


Ryan Dolan, VP Business Development

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