Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-Ohio Valley

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-Ohio Valley’s annual program of work is funded through two primary sources:  dues and non-dues revenue.  A substantial portion of the Chamber’s non-dues income is a result of program and event sponsorships.

Chamber sponsorships offer members the ability to promote goodwill along with their products and services.

Your participation in the Chamber’s members-only sponsorship program is invaluable as we work together to expand the Mid-Ohio Valley’s economic health and overall quality of life by creating a stronger Chamber of Commerce.

If your business is interested in sponsoring an event(s) please contact Nicole Guinn at 304-422-3588 or

Sponsorship by Chamber members ensures the success of our annual Chamber events. With each level, you receive greater visibility and sponsor benefits. Approximately two months prior to each special event, you will receive information about how to get involved with an event and to secure your desired level of sponsorship. The typical sponsorship levels for each of our events are:

Platinum $2500
Gold $1000
Silver $500
Bronze $250

Sponsorships from our Chamber Members make these events possible:

  • Annual Dinner & Awards Banquet
  • Mayors Forum
  • MOV Chamber Challenge Cup
  • MOV Chamber Day at the Capital
  • Partner In Education Luncheon
  • The Amazing Chamber Chase
  • MOV Chamber Team Trivia Contest
  • Women in Leadership Conference

Did you know you can be a sponsor on a tight budget?

All membership tiers* have a SPONSORSHIP CREDIT that you may use throughout the calendar year. Your credit may be split across multiple events if you so choose! The 2016 starting sponsorship credit balances are:

President’s Circle credit $400
Executive Membership credit $300
Premium Membership credit $200
Elite Membership credit $150
Business Membership credit $100

How can I redeem my Sponsorship Credit?

For example, if your membership tier is the Premium Membership, you have a $200 sponsorship credit. You may apply this credit against any sponsorship level that is greater than $200. For example, you decide to become a $250 Bronze sponsor for the Women in Leadership Conference. With your $200 sponsorship credit, you would receive all the benefits and visibility of the Bronze sponsorship for only $50! When you fill out the event sponsorship form, you must indicate if you are redeeming sponsorship credits.

Anything special to know about the Sponsorship Credit?

Credits expire at the end of your membership renewal (12 month anniversary). Unused sponsorship credit does not carry over if not used during the year of your membership renewal.

Credits must be used for sponsorship levels greater than the amount of the credit. For example, if you have a $400 sponsorship credit as a President’s Circle member, you would not be able to use this against a Bronze level since the $250 Bronze level is less than the $400 credit. You would be able to apply it against the Silver, Gold or Platinum levels.

Sponsorship credits can only be used for sponsorships. They cannot be applied towards the purchase of event tickets or Chamber advertising opportunities.

* The Associate Tier (for retired or individual reps) currently does not receive an annual sponsorship credit.