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Ascent Private Practice, PLLC 


This week, we would like to highlight a new member of our Chamber whom we had the pleasure of visiting with last week. It is our pleasure to introduce, Ascent Private Practice, PLLC, a brand new concierge medical practice in Mid-Ohio Valley. Owner Dr. Ellen Brown is a board-certified Family physician with 15 years of primary and urgent care experience. Dr. Brown earned her medical degree from West Virginia University. Her postgraduate training included a residency program at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She formerly worked with local urgent care facilities and has since taken on a new adventure with concierge medicine. She is currently licensed to practice medicine in West Virginia and Ohio.

We asked Dr. Brown a few questions to get to know her business and share with fellow Chamber members. See below for her Q&A!


Tell us a little about yourself.

“I grew up in Glenville, and was active in 4-H for many years. After high school I went to undergrad at WVU, where I graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts. I continued at WVU for Medical school. After med school, I did my Family Medicine residency in Greenville, NC, at East Carolina University.  For the first 2 years following residency, I worked in several places—briefly in WV, then back to NC, and then eventually to Vermont, where we lived for 6 years.  We loved it there, especially the snow!  My husband, daughter, and I all love snow sports, and still look forward to winter each year.  Over time, with a small child, we felt we were too far away from our families, which were still back in WV.  We decided to come back in 2012 and have been in Vienna ever since.  And we are WVU Football fans. We enjoy going to games and doing fun things outdoors.”

Can you share the story of how you got started with concierge medicine and why?

“I actually learned about the concept of concierge medicine years ago at a Family Medicine conference.  Later, as I grew increasingly frustrated with the changes in the medical field, the idea of developing my own practice began.  At that time, however, I wasn’t ready to take on starting a business.  Instead, I took my career in a different direction, working in urgent care and addiction medicine for the past several years.  I always missed what I loved about Family Medicine– the opportunity to develop relationships with my patients and to care for their needs – but knew that the only way I could return to practice—and enjoy my work—was to do it in an entirely different way.”


Please share more about the services you provide.

“What we offer is full family medical care, in a way that is more personal and satisfying to both the patient and the doctor.  Without the constraints of a typical doctor’s office—time-restricted, over-booked appointments that are hard to come by—I can spend as much time with the patient as they need.  Getting an appointment when you need it is easy, too!  We are able to offer same-day or next-day appointments in most cases.  Patients can be seen at their home, or even at their workplace if a private area exists. What I’ve just described is the basic definition of “Concierge Medicine.”  Patients connect directly with their physician often by cell phone, same day appointments at the patient’s home or office, and visits that last as long as it takes for the physician to address their needs.  Most concierge practices are structured with a membership fee for the patient because the physician doesn’t have the overhead of an office or have to work with insurance.  For a monthly or annual fee, I am available to be YOUR physician with added convenience and personalization based on YOUR schedule.”


What prompted you to join the MOV Chamber?  What are you looking forward to getting out of your membership?

Another member suggested that I join.  I had no idea the MOV Chamber had so much to offer!  I am most excited to get to know other business owners in the area, and to participate in Chamber events to expand connections and improve services available to the community.”



 Can you tell me a little about some organizations that you or your organization are involved with in the community?

“Ascent Private Practice is not yet involved with any organizations in the community, but I expect that to change as we become more involved with the Chamber.  From a personal standpoint, my husband and I stay involved with our daughter’s 4-H and school activities.”


What sets your business apart from the competition?

“To my knowledge, we are the first concierge medical practice in the area!  The need for a concierge practice has risen from a changing medical field that has seen decreasing patient and physician satisfaction.  As a member of our practice, patients will be very pleased with the ease and convenience of our amenities, and will receive personal, exceptional care.” 


What are some goals that your office hopes to achieve in the next few years?

“The first goals are growth and community awareness of the practice.  As this occurs, we will regularly re-evaluate our services offered, and add or adjust accordingly to meet patient needs.” 


Thank you, Ascent Private Practice for your membership with us! We are looking forward to doing business with you and are glad to be partners. If you see Ellen out and about at a Chamber event, please wish her a warm welcome and take the time to learn about her new practice.


If you are interested in learning more about Ascent Private Practice and how they can be of service to you, feel free to reach out to her at her contact below.


Dr. Ellen Brown, MD


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