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MOV Chamber Member Spotlight – Wax and Beyond

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This week, we would like to spotlight a new business who has recently placed their membership with our Chamber. In addition to being new to our Chamber, Wax and Beyond is also new to its Grand Central Mall location. Wax and Beyond creates hand dipped, hand carved, reusable glow candles and wax melts.

Store manager Buzz Kieffer took the time to speak with us so that we could learn a little more about his business and so that we could share it with fellow Chamber members and the general public. After speaking with Buzz, it is clear to see his passion and expertise lie within this business. Check out some of his responses to the questions I had below:


How long have you been located in the Mid-Ohio Valley?

“We’ve been in our mall location for about 7 weeks.”


Can you share the story of how you got started and why?

“I actually started with the company back in 2007, working for the first franchise store in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I managed that store and then soon opened a new store in Myrtle Beach. I left the company for a few years and decided to start the business here in Vienna.”


What makes Wax and Beyond stand out from other candle vendors?

“Our candles are unscented and have a unique dipping style that allows room for all kinds of different designs such as sports teams, figurine carved candles. All of our candle products are handmade.”


Tell us a little known fact about your business.

“We make custom candles and models, monograms, logos, etc. We have hundreds of different designs to choose from.”


Is there any exciting news, sales or updates that you would like to share with fellow Chamber members?

“Everything in the store is hand-made. We also give a 10% discount to all military, firefighter and first responders.”


Why are you involved with the Chamber?

“We’re a very new business. We believe the Chamber can help us get our name out there and become a new part of the local community.”


What makes your business a special part of the community?

“We provide unique gift options at a reasonable price with USA-made products.”


“Candle Making Without Boundaries”


Wax & Beyond is located inside the Grand Central Mall (208 Grand Central Avenue) near JC Penny’s. Visit their website at for more information. 

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