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Vireo Publications 

This week, we would like to feature a brand new member..a star is among us! Please join us in welcoming Vireo Publications to the MOV Chamber!

Vireo Publications was created in 2015 by owner Brian Bennett. Vireo is a book publishing platform based out of Marietta, OH that allows authors to stay in control of the publishing process without having to go completely self-published.  

Brian has lived in the Mid-Ohio Valley for his entire life and  graduated from Marietta College in 1990 with a degree in Computer Science. He has published five science fiction novels with the Vireo Publications label since 2015.

Vireo Publications is currently in the process of filming a screenplay called “Escape 2120,” based on Brian’s first novel, “The Magician’s Horses.” The best part is that they are filming right here locally in the Mid-Ohio Valley! See below to read more about this process from Brian, himself. 

“The science fiction story revolves around an orphaned teen who escapes to the future in suspended animation, but when he arrives, he doesn’t find the high tech future he expected. The seemingly primitive world he encounters is inhabited by villagers living in harmony with nature in small dome-shaped huts. He learns quickly that a stranger from another time isn’t welcome there.We started filming in June with a crew of eight film school graduates from Ohio University in Athens. We shot two days of footage featuring only our lead actor. The first day was filmed inside my neighbor’s house and at several outdoor locations around Marietta. On the second day, we relocated to wooded property near Bartlett, Ohio to film some great scenes inside caves and along creek beds.”

“The footage was edited into a seven-minute trailer we’ve been showing to potential investors, and the response has been nothing but positive.”

“Our shooting schedule calls for another two weeks of filming in and around Marietta, then another two weeks will be filmed in nearby forests. We have even scouted out possible locations at Hocking Hills and Dolly Sods in West Virginia.”

“Our plan is to resume filming in August or September, but season changes and cast availability may push filming back to next spring. It all depends on how soon we solidify our funding.”

“Either way, we are looking at summer or fall of 2019 as the earliest release date. I would love to see a theatrical release in cinemas around the valley, but a distribution deal for even a limited cinema run is extremely competitive. As an alternative, we will certainly look into private venues like Peoples Bank Theatre to get the film onto the big screen locally.”


Brian also took the time to answer a Q&A with us to share more about Vireo Publications with fellow Chamber members:

Can you share the story of how your organization got started and why?

“When I prepared to self-publish my debut novel, The Magician’s Horses, I saw a redundancy that other authors in my situation were all facing. Every self-published author must create a new publishing label, register a trade name, and establish a web site, all on top of writing, editing, and promoting their works. It seemed logical that fostering a network of authors published under one label with one web site foundation would eliminate many of these redundancies. Authors could also benefit from the experience and successes of other members within the network. I founded Vireo Publications and built the our web site from the ground up with the needs of its authors first and foremost.”


What prompted you to join the MOV Chamber? 

“A new member, Becky Nichols, who owns Becky Nichols Portrait, recommended I join. I’m looking forward to networking with other members.”


Tell us a little known fact about your organization (what is something some may not know that you do?)

“We recently formed a film production division, and we are working on our first feature film in Marietta.”


Can you tell us a little about some organizations that you are involved with in the community?

“I’ve been a Boy Scout volunteer for 10 years. I also participated in a Marietta Main Street First Friday Walk this year by signing books at Wit & Whimzy.”


What are some goals that you hope to achieve in the future within your business?

“I plan to expand the list of authors publishing under the Vireo label. The company’s true potential won’t be realized until the network begins to grow. I also hope to continue producing films with increasingly larger budgets and bigger stars.”


What makes Vireo Publications a special part of the community? 

“I’m proud to be one of many local artists bringing unique culture to our community. “


Is there any exciting news or updates, or special offers that you would like to share with fellow Chamber members?

“If the film industry intrigues you, there are opportunities for any business to get involved in our film production at some level.”


We would like to thank Brian for joining our Chamber! Who knows..when his film releases, we can say we knew him before his fame!!  If you are interested in learning more about Vireo Publications, please visit them online on their website at

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