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Capstone Digital Marketing

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Capstone Digital Marketing is a full-service online marketing agency located in Marietta, Ohio. Their services include Google ranking (Search Engine Optimization – includes both on-page and off-page services), content marketing (includes webpages, blogposts, etc.), website development, social media management, recovery from Google penalties, and more. They are now officially a member of the MOV Chamber and we are excited to welcome them to the business community of the Mid-Ohio Valley!

Founder and CEO Tracy Gimpel has been in the marketing business since 2009. She loves to write and teach about digital marketing.


Tracy says that she acquired the name “capstone” by referencing the two dictionary definitions of the word:

  1. Top stone: a stone used at the top of a wall or another structure
    2. High point: something considered the highest achievement or most important action in a series of actions.


Capstone Digital Marketing works with clients who have a marketing budget or who might be looking to rank among competitors.


We asked Tracy these questions to share a little more insight about her business to MOV Chamber members:


How long has your company been in the MOV?
“My company has been in the MOV since January 2017. I work from my home office in Devola, and I’m happy to meet with any business owner in the MOV who is interested in digital marketing services. You can visit my website at for more information.”

Can you tell us about any ongoing projects?

“We are currently working with an attorney in Marietta, Ohio, and since starting out with him in January, he is #1 on the first page of Google for several keywords. We also work with a beauty academy and other small businesses to help with their websites and online presence.”


Tell us a little known fact about your business.

“The biggest difference between my firm and other digital marketing agencies is that we do not have a cookie-cutter approach to online marketing. We take each client’s website, collaborate on their needs, and make it happen. In addition, while we are happy to work for anyone, we really thrive when helping people in highly competitive industries. The majority of our experience has been in working with attorneys all across the United States, so we enjoy helping high-end businesses to get ranked in Google and get the traffic they need to their websites.”


Is there any exciting news or updates that you would like to share with fellow Chamber members? 

“Yes! I have recently started a Facebook group called “Ohio SEO Experts.” This group is for any business owner who wants to find tips for online marketing. Through this venue, we also have webinars where we can do an analysis of your website to see if there are any problems and also offer solutions. Also, any business owner who would like to have his or her website analyzed for free just needs to send me an email at along with their website URL and main keyword/s that they want to rank in Google. This is a $200 value, but it’s one way that I can help others who aren’t sure of the health of their website, or wonder why they aren’t ranking in Google.”


Why are you involved with the Chamber? What personally struck your interest?

“I got involved in the Chamber because some friends recommended it to me when they knew I was looking for networking opportunities. Once I expressed an interest, the MOV Chamber was quick to reach out to me to offer support, make suggestions, and more. I really appreciate their welcoming attitude to new business owners here in the MOV.”


What do you believe makes your business a special part of the community?

“I believe that Capstone Digital Marketing can take MOV businesses to the next level in their online marketing. Business owners who are serious about getting online traffic will find our services to be the ticket to online success and conversions. Also, I have a heart to teach others about digital marketing, so I love to share information. I am nearly finished with my new book – “DIY Today: Internet Marketing Essentials,” that I think will be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing in today’s world.”


To learn more about Capstone Digital Marketing, visit their website at or send Tracy an email at


















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